Reality check (by Diego Fdez-Sevilla)

Reality check (by Diego Fdez-Sevilla)

cc563595-7a72-4685-8b2a-3727bc8972ce-largeI started this blog at the end of 2013. For more than a year I have addressed issues in environmental science trying to enhance the perception to the broad audience of the work behind doing research and the role played by the researcher working towards finding answers that would help to keep or improve the world in which we live. But also, in the process, I try to incorporate those scientific values that I have gathered throughout my career hoping it would add some scientific input in the actual state of knowledge.

Performing research is not about being right, it is also about doing things in the right way so the outcome sets a firm argument to carry on from there or induce to originate a creative debate from where new ideas might see the light. There is no bad result in research if it has been carried out in a proper manner. If your approach or methodology is good enough, even identifying the inadequacy of a path, or line of thinking, will settle a  milestone giving arguments to others in order to safe time and resources. Being wrong is not a mistake. May be the mistake is being afraid of being wrong so nobody will never know how many lines of thinking remain undiscovered yet.

In my case and in this blog, I want to point out that without the support behind from a full time position I have to be realistic about the scope of the research and analysis that I can perform. Any kind of research improves when it comes from a team effort.

For me, being in a constant search for a job opportunity only allows me to use my free time to try to stand out from the crowd showing what little I can do with few resources hoping someone might see my potential and give me an opportunity.

The proper research needed to develop an idea requires things which are beyond having access to data that I don´t have.
Primarily time, space and economic and institutional support. Time to understand the limitations of the data, time to organise the data, to choose the right tools to manipulate the data, to incorporate new tools and to learn how to use them. Time to keep updated with the work performed by other fellow researchers in the same field. And time to apply your brain power thinking and focusing in your research without being worried about how are you gonna pay your bills. Institutional support to have access to articles otherwise restricted by payment of a fee. Institutional support to be in contact with other researchers allowing discussion and exchange of ideas. And all of that being conscious of that there is a life behind all of that work that requires paying the bills for self sustainment and personal development.

So I really appreciate your attention into my blogs and I hope that I can make little steps that incorporate some “scientific value”. In case you have comments about disagreements I welcome any constructive discussion. If you like or agree with any of my thoughts I would appreciate the recognition of it so others might find them as well and even consider worthy to invest in having me as a team member offering me a position.

By all means, only by having your attention and your recognition makes me feel better.

Diego Fdez-Sevilla.


About Diego Fdez-Sevilla, PhD.

The work here presented has no economic or institutional support. Please consider to make a donation to support the means for making sustainable the energy, time and resources required. Also any sponsor or mentor interested would be welcome. Intellectual Property This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Citing This Site: "Title", published online "Month"+"Year" retrieved on "Month""Day", "Year" from By Diego Fdez-Sevilla, PhD. Or by using its DOI at ResearchGate. More guidance on citing this web as a source can be found at NASA webpage:! DOIs can be generated on demand by request at email: d.fdezsevilla(at) for those publications missing at the ResearchGate profile vinculated with this project. **Author´s profile: Born in 1974. Bachelor in General Biology, Masters degree "Licenciado" in Environmental Sciences (2001, Spain). PhD in Aerobiology (2007, UK). Lived, acquired training and worked in Spain, UK, Germany and Poland. I have shared the outcome from my work previous to 2013 as scientific speaker in events held in those countries as well as in Switzerland and Finland. After 12 years performing research and working in institutions linked with environmental research and management, in 2013 I found myself in a period of transition searching for a new position or funding to support my own line of research. In the current competitive scenario, in order to demonstrate my capacities instead of just moving my cv waiting for my next opportunity to arrive, I decided to invest my energy and time in opening my own line of research sharing it in this blog. In March 2017 the budget reserved for this project has ended and its weekly basis time frame discontinued until new forms of economic and/or institutional support are incorporated into the project. The value of the data and the original nature of the research presented in this platform and at LinkedIn has proved to be worthy of consideration by the scientific community as well as for publication in scientific journals. However, without a position as member of an institution, it becomes very challenging to be published. I hope that this handicap do not overshadow the value of my achievements and that the Intellectual Property Rights generated with the license of attribution attached are respected and considered by the scientist involved in similar lines of research. **Any comment and feedback aimed to be constructive is welcome as well as any approach exploring professional opportunities to be part of.** In this blog I publish pieces of research focused on addressing relevant environmental questions. Furthermore, I try to break the barrier that academic publications very often offer isolating scientific findings from the general public. In that way I address those topics which I am familiar with, thanks to my training in environmental research, making them available throughout my posts. (see "Framework and Timeline" for a complete index). At this moment, 2018, I am living in Spain with no affiliation attachments. Free to relocate geographically worldwide. If you feel that I could be a contribution to your institution, team and projects, don´t hesitate in contact me at d.fdezsevilla (at) or consult my profile at LinkedIn, ResearchGate and Also, I'd appreciate information about any opportunity that you might know and believe it could match with my aptitudes. The conclusions and ideas expressed in each post as part of my own creativity are part of my Intellectual Portfolio and are protected by Intellectual Property Laws. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial conditions. In citing my work from this website, be sure to include the date of access and DOI. (c)Diego Fdez-Sevilla, PhD, 2018. Filling in or Finding Out the gaps around. Publication accessed 20YY-MM-DD at
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