(Resolved) Your posts across groups are being moderated temporarily because one of your recent contributions was marked as spam or flagged for not being relevant. (by Diego Fdez-Sevilla)

(22/05/2014 Full Connectivity Restored at LinkedIn )

email sent to LinkedIn support (16/05/2014): I have found myself in similar situation as described here. I have shared in more than one group at the same time (as many other times) using the feature that LinkedIn created for. Funny thing happened that I have found myself with the following message across all groups “Your posts across groups are being moderated temporarily because one of your recent contributions was marked as spam or flagged for not being relevant.”
So, I started checking what could have happened for being so unusual based on my track from more than a year in most of those groups.
I found out that in some cases “LinkedIn” feature of “sharing” Did Post Simultaneously two entries for the same share One about “starting a discussion” and the other about “commented in a discussion”. If the simultaneity of two entries for the same “share” creates an alert similar to a “spam” that would be responsibility of LinkedIn’s IT development. And they should not only reassess the correct functionality of this feature but also the implementation of solutions linked with the disturbances originated by it. I would suggest LinkedIn IT and support to look at the possibility of “overlooking a malfunction in one of its features”.

In case I am wrong and the restrictions come from a members complain I would accept the condition open to adapt my participation in the group based on the comments anybody might suggest. I would just need the chance to know where and how to amend my error.

One case which I managed to identify that could trigger the spam alert in all groups (and restrictions associated) by creating two simultaneous “shares” from one single entry (15/05/2014):

Diego Fernández Sevilla, Ph.D. “commented” on a discussion in Environmental Consulting Professionals.
How much impact can we expect in the climate from land use and land cover management?
Looking at the influence of continentality in atmospheric circulation, how much impact can we expect in the climate from land use and land cover management?

Diego Fernández Sevilla, Ph.D. “started” a discussion in Environmental Consulting Professionals.
How much impact can we expect in the climate from land use and land cover management?
Looking at the influence of continentality in atmospheric circulation, how much impact can we expect in the climate from land use and land cover management?)

LinkedIn help forum:

“Why if I am spammed in one group it affects my posts in all groups I am a member of ?”

Cristina Lungu Mar 25 ’13 at 05:01 PM in being spammed in a group, group, groups, group discussions, group manager


(Update 20/05/2014:

LinkedIn´s support reply reads:

“This action across all your groups is automated and our system doesn’t allow me to reverse it. You might get the automatic review turned off if individual group owners or managers change your permissions in their group to be “approved to post”. In order to make them aware of your situation you might send to each of them a message asking for it.”

As you can see in the following captures I am living the experience of being a top contributor “on hold” to participate in all discussions, even my own!!.

LinkedIn blockmore…

LinkedIn block 6LinkedIn block 7

and other’s…

LinkedIn block 4LinkedIn block 5


Why LinkedIn allows to create a mess by an “automated” mechanism that we have to fix “manually” consuming time from managers and members? In fact, since I have to communicate with members from 57 groups about the same issue, I am forced to spam the same message across all my groups in order to recover my status or identify who should I apologize to. It looks like becoming a spammer is the solution against  spamming?

LinkedIn block groups

Email sent 21/05/2014:  Dear LinkedIn Customer Support,

I have received what it looks like an automatic response similar to what it has been published in entries opened before in the forum: “It may be” that recent contributions to a group were marked as spam or were flagged for not being relevant, or you were blocked and deleted from one of your groups by its owner or manager. “

In order for me to be aware of future potential situations I would appreciate clarification about the subject which I have introduced in the Subject of my message: “possible malfunction of the tool “share” induces “spamming like” limitations“.

My claim is based on several situations which I have described in my previous message: I have contacted some group managers and the message that I shared was missing without notice from the manager owner.

I have seen in some groups “unintentional” simultaneous entries for the same post as: discussion “started” and “commented”.

When the post has been published in some groups, the same “share” configuration for the post has make it appear in some groups in the “discussion” section and in other groups in the “promotion” section.

If the case of my “automated” restriction comes from being an IT malfunction, there is nothing I can do about it. If it comes from a manually intended decision I would accept the condition and reassess my strategies when sharing in multiple groups.

However, I would appreciate that somebody from technical support at LinkedIn looks at my situation and gives me personalised support. You have the resources to look at my profile and the amount of activity that I have generated (likes, shares, comments, top contributor) with a depth that allows you to evaluate the impact that this automatic restriction brings to my proactive participation in LinkedIn as member of more than 50 groups.

I have at this moment “pending for submission” comments in groups in which I am a “top contributor” with a recent discussion created and people asking me questions. Questions and attention to potential networking partners that I can not reach due to an “automated action”.

Furthermore, I would appreciate from you some information about the procedures which apply in order to lift my restrictions. I have received reply from a group manager who did not know about my restrictions (Environmental Consulting Professionals, AGU). Do I have to manually send the same message to managers for each group or there is an “automated restoring status” after a period? You have to realise that:

Many groups do not have members with time enough (or willing to) to look at my explanation. So it might get forgotten and without a restoration of my status.

Which kind of explanation should I give in order to recover from my “automated suspicious condition”?

The creation of a “suspicious condition” (of being a spammer with no opportunity to defend ourselves) touches international laws aimed to ensure the opportunity of defence against any claim potentially damaging any personal or corporative image”. That happens when there are members of groups receiving such claim from an automated action generated with no source of identification and without communication to the person being exposed.

Another issue relevant is the possibility of being framed by an intentionally harmful action. What about if somebody gets access to my profile and make actions which trigger a spammer alert? Or, just based on competition strategy, you are blocked in one group so you become automatically restricted in all others? How LinkedIn can ensure that the users are aware at all times about the conditions linked with their personal or corporative image if they are not alerted about third party actions?

Personal and corporative image as well as Intellectual property, are the values that LinkedIn is managing. The trust put on LinkedIn’s management is all what makes it what it is. Please look at my claims, in a non automated way since they represent the concerns that can be growing across the whole platform.

I understand if you need to take your time, but please use it. My situation as job seeker makes communication my stronghold and being on hold and having to clean my image is the worst situation that I would expect to find as user of LinkedIn. Time is passing by and every day that nothing change it increases the feeling of weak control and support that LinkedIn offers over the amount of information that manage.

If I have to send a message to all groups about the same issue, it would be like spamming in order to lift a spam alert.

Thanks for your time.

Kind regards,
Diego Fdez-Sevilla. PhD.



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4 Responses to (Resolved) Your posts across groups are being moderated temporarily because one of your recent contributions was marked as spam or flagged for not being relevant. (by Diego Fdez-Sevilla)

  1. Patrice says:

    A week ago, I found the same restriction on my account even though I have not changed pattern of participation in groups. But talking it over with a member of a local group, I learned that someone seemingly took to the liking of reporting spam on members with whom he does not share the same opinion, that is without ever participating in the conversation. As a result, several members of this group ended up with same predicament.
    The consequences are temporary, but I can see the potential problems with members being able to restrict other members, such as a competitor, in complete anonymity.
    If the so-called automated system was written properly, it would not trigger on a single occurrence and would look for patterns, including that of the complaining member.


  2. Patrice,
    I agree with your point of view as you might presume from looking at my post.
    Thanks for commenting.


  3. Everyone,

    I am afflicted by this surreal nonsense too and found this site on my quest to resolve the issue.
    Just wanted to share with this group here what I just sent to various of my group managers: A message to ask them to reset my group posting status to normal. Since that action apparently has to be done for the proud number of 50 groups if unlucky, I thought some of you might the following ‘template’ useful for your own purpose. Modify at will, and have success!
    May it help to save your time – and switch on the light again! 😉 Here you go:


    Group posting status: Kindly reset please. Linkedin is having bad dreams.

    Dear group manager,

    this is a kind request to reset my group posting status from “requires moderation” back to “approved to post”. My status was changed very probably by a Linkedin system error: I received not one single clear information on what precisely I have done wrong and where – which of course makes it hard to trace any potential error I actually *might* have made. So the only option available at this point appears to contact each and every single group manager with this request you’ve received now. Here you go. I certainly hope you can help me clarify what I still consider an insult to reasoning mankind, from Linkedin’s side. They intend to protect a few people for most valid reasons yet while doing so, apparently “use a sledge-hammer to crack a nut”, if you’re familiar with that saying.

    I’m here to answer any questions and comments you may have on this.
    Thanks for your time!
    Best regards,
    Your Name



  4. Lawrence Schmid says:

    Diego, I go through the same thing and because of the latest changes to group by LinkedIn, I found that if I post to many pots I get blocked for up to two weeks. I tried an experiment where I posted in just groups that I have permission to post in and still was blocked.

    I agree with you that LI should only restrict you in the group that you are being reported to spam in, but instead they do it across the board. LI is trying to create a system with AI, but missing the I part of the equation.


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